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time resident breaks world speed record

Some records even if they are world records pass with little fanfare. So when Peter Baker touched down Jan. 8 in San Diego, Calif., after shattering the record for a transcontinental flight in an airplane weighing less than 1,000 kilograms, it wasn't that out of the ordinary that he and secondary pilot David Corey weren't greeted by an awestruck crowd.

Not that it would have been inappropriate Baker and Corey broke the east to west coast record by about 100 miles per hour, touching down just 9.5 hours after leaving St. Simon, Ga. The last person to set the record did it in 2000 "Oxandrolone Powder India" at roughly 135 Testosterone Cypionate Blood Clots miles per hour.

To make the story even more interesting, the two men did it in a home built airplane, a Questair Venture. The compact craft is known for its speed and ability to make a cross country trip in all kinds of weather.

Baker lives in Hammock Bay, just north of Marco Island. He has lived in the area for two decades and has been a full time resident since 1995.

Corey, a Bennington, Vt., native, built the majority of the plane himself. He is an air transport pilot "It's like the PhD of flying," Baker said.

Corey is also a seasoned mechanic. But he did not necessarily build the plane Buy Cheap Jintropin Online with a dream of shattered records in mind, Baker said.

In the end, it came down "Oxandrolone Powder India" to the quest for another high the record breaking flight was merely part of a larger plan to acquire a new toy.

"This was a lark thing for us," Baker said. "We wanted to go out to Phoenix because there's this manufacturer that makes kit helicopters, and we wanted to visit them. So Corey came up with this idea."

One record wasn't enough though. After serving as Baker's Winstrol Pills Side Effects co pilot on the east to west flight, Corey took the plane back up in the air and set the transcontinental record flying west to east from San Diego to North Palm Beach.

After going to Phoenix to check out those kit helicopters, of course.

Both flights were followed by the Federal Aviation Administration, and will be recorded as national records by the National Aeronautic Association and world records by the Federation Aeronautique Internationale.

The two men have a long history of flight together. They met as young flight instructors, and have since embarked on other adventures together, of both an aeronautic and business nature.

Besides, two guys would need to have a long shared history to be able to stand nine hours in an airplane together.

"It's a little airplane," Baker said. "After nine and a half hours, it's rather hard to remain comfortable."

What do two old friends talk about for that long over headsets, flying thousands of miles above prairies, mountains and canyons?

For the first few hours, Baker said, 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosteron they worked through typical conversations, discussed the plane and how it was handling. For a few tense minutes Testosterone Enanthate 1000 Mg Per Week they dealt with some rough weather that "tossed us "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" around fairly hard."

After a while, things get quiet in that cockpit, though.

"The last leg was just endurance," he said.

But Baker is pretty well used to it; he has been flying for 40 years.

When he returned from a 13 month tour in Vietnam with the Marine Corps, he went to Northeastern University, in Boston, Mass. His initial plan was to become an airline pilot, he said. But as with everything else in life, plans change.

"By the time I got my degree, the airlines had furloughed all of their pilots," he said. "So I went into trucking, and that was very good to me."

But he found his way back to flying, both as a hobby and a career. And like any other pilot, he has had his share of strange stories and close calls.

When he was married and had two small children at home, someone called and asked him to pick up and deliver a plane for a fee. He had to decline, though, because he had promised his son he would attend a school play or similar function.

He gave his son an extra hug or two that night, he said, after learning that the pilot who ended up flying the plane crashed after the engine seized up.

Even the model of airplane in which he broke the record, the sturdy little Questair Venture, is part of a strange story.

One week while he was in Massachusetts flying the plane before the record flight the owner and the chief engineer of the Questair company took an identical plane up and were killed in a crash.

It didn't make Baker second guess taking the plane cross country, though.

"That was strange, but weird things have happened before," he said.

Baker is certified to fly helicopters, single engine land and sea crafts and multiple engine land and sea crafts, and he is approved to train other pilots for flight instruction. In his 40 years, Baker has accumulated about 9,000 hours in the air.